Win/Win Communications

Effective communication creates a fulfilling life. Words are tools. I teach you constructive methods for using word tools. We work together, learning to apply new skills to old situations for greater effectiveness in communication.

Simple Steps to communicate effectively so you can confidently talk to anyone – including your boss, clients, spouse . . . even your teenagers.

Effective communication is having the right words to convey your thoughts and feelings in a way the other person understands your full meaning.

From my workshops and training you learn:

  • To feel more confident and self-assured in any situation.
  • To relate to others from a position of love, understanding and power
  • That everyone benefits by having choices.
  • To become more honest, direct and caring.
  • And to live fully.
  • Personal empowerment skills.

Marian P. Sjostrom-

Communication Specialist

Marian has spent over 20 years training in communication techniques, including Thomas Gordan's Effectiveness Training and the Common Concern Program at UCLA. She is a graduate of National Seminar in:

  • How to Handle Difficult People
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Anger and How to Handle It
  • How to Play the Game of Life and Win


Register for a Wordshop

Would you like to:
  • Say what you really want to say without fear of criticism?
  • Avoid misunderstandings by listening better?
  • Be supported and encouraged in your ideas?
  • Recognize what's happening when your buttons get pushed?
  • Have your thoughts and feelings really heard?
  • Ask for what you want?
  • Be comfortable with "No"?
  • Reach consensus- negotiate and trade?
  • Change others with encouragement?
  • Handle difficult situations with the right responses?